130 East Main Street

PO Box 289

Stanley, VA 22851

Church office Phone:

(540) 778-1037

​​Sunday School: 10 AM

Sunday Worship: 11 AM

Bible study: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 10 AM 

We are resuming in-person worship at the church May 24 at 11 AM...Please go to the Phase 1 Reopening Page for video and written statement- Pastor Jason, May 20, 2020

Acts Bible Study

Please Click here to access the Acts Bible study handouts and videos.

Bible Study

We are starting to publish our Bible studies online. For those who aren't able to make our Bible studies we are going to ensure that there are videos of the Tuesday morning Bible study so that you can still keep up with where we are. We will have the video of the Bible study as well as the handout available for you here to watch and follow along. Don't worry if you're behind, we are also working on getting all the past Bible studies up as well.