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Statement About Open Deacons Meeting


Welcome to the Stanley Baptist Church webpage. As we continue to build content you will be able to find sermons from our Sunday services here as well as more about out church. The Pastor's Corner will be a place to find sermons, use our contact form to get in touch with me, and also to read about some of my thoughts on the happening in the church and our community.

Please continue to check our website frequently and reach out to me to contact me with any questions you might have about the church, but to also schedule a time for me to come visit you or for you to come visit me at the church or in my office. Thanks for checking us out. -Pastor Jason


We recently had an open deacons meeting where we opened up discussion in reference to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's Illumination Project and its results. All of the deacons and myself are working on getting a policy in place to add to our church constitution that addresses the issues. The Chair Deacon, Bruce Matthews, and myself are working on writing a policy on marriage and weddings that will address this as well as detail our stance on how we stand.

I am going to Dallas, TX in June to the CBF annual gathering and will get details on how this will have an impact on the hiring practices, mission field, and whether or not there will be a need to change our support for the CBF as well as our association with them. Once we have more details we will be coming back to the church body to let them know what I have found out and what the deacons and my recommendations are to the church. For the interim, we are sending all of our financial support to the Baptist General Association of Virginia so they can continue to use that money for missions. If you have questions please see me or Bruce and we will be happy to discuss this in detail. I know that this statements seems vague, but at this time this is all we know and all we can say until after my meeting in June at the CBF annual gathering in Dallas, TX. If you want to read more about the Illumination Project please use the link below and ask me any questions that you might have. Thanks.

CBF Illumination Project Report


CBF Blog on Illumination Project